Students are required to meet Life Changers Christian Academy Graduation Requirements. Please click the form below to view the requirements for students enrolled in high school.

Graduation Requirements:

Students are required to meet Life Changers Christian Academy Attendance Requirements. Any student that misses more than 10 days in a 90 day semester will fail due to absences and will not receive any credits for that current semester. Refer to your student handbook for more information.

Phone: 321-333-5168 option 5

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Welcome to Guidance & Career Planning

Director of Student Services

Welcome to the Office of  Student Services. The School  Student Services  Department reaches all students in K3 through grade 12 with guidance and counseling activities designed to meet the needs of students in a variety of settings.  The Life Changers Christian Academy  student services  program offers educational and career planning. The  student service director is available to meet with 8th through 12th grade students to discuss scheduling, academic goals, college and university preparation and plans for career success. The  student services program offers assistance with college entrance testing, college applications, and advice with college expectations. LCCA's  student services director is available to work with students and their parents. The  student services director meets with students, and parents by appointment. To schedule an appointment please email 

Please use this form to request official transcripts. Transcripts are only considered official if they are received in an unopened envelope and the document contains a raised embossed seal and signature from school officials.

Current year students can request transcripts free of charge by contacting our Guidance Department.

There is a $3.00 charge per transcript requested for alumni who graduated from Life Changers Christian Academy or (Peculiar Priesthood Christian) Academy prior to last school year.

***Please allow 3 to 5 days for processing.***

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