S t u d e n t  L i f e  at  L c c a

Student Life:

Student Life

At Life Changers, your child will have the opportunity to  be apart of academics, athletics, drama, and student involvement programs so the time spent outside the classroom is just as important as the time spent within.

LCCA offers programs for elementary such as: Safety Patrol Program, Art/Crafts Competition, S.T.E.AM Program, Science Competition, Athletics, Before/ After School Program, Drama, Dance Team( Out of the mouth of Babes)

LCCA offers programs for middle school such as: Safety Patrol Program, Arts/ Craft Competition, Athletics, Drama, Visual Arts, Leadership, Dual Enrollment, Dance Team, and so much more!

LCCA offers programs for high school such as: Arts/Craft, Visual Arts, Praise and Worship, Athletics, Drama, Leadership ( Teacher's Aide), Dual Enrollment, Skill Trade Courses, Bright Futures Scholarship, Work on Campus, Mentoring and Student Direction Program.