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Mr. Joshua Sulfridge is serving as our teacher on assignment, reviewing lesson plans, managing teachers, giving administrative support, overseeing student enrichment, and coordinating our weekly chapel! Mr. Joshua holds a Bachelors in Mathematics from St Mary's College in Maryland and a Masters degree of Operations research from Florida Institute Technology (FIT) in Melbourne, Florida. 

Mr. Josh has a burning passion for math and loves seeing his students excel, his goal for his students is to prepare them to be successful in life instilling Christian values and a strong mathematical background. On his free time, he enjoy hiking, biking, guitar, volleyball, Jiu-Jitsu, and Chess.

Dr.(c) Sherilyn Fletcher

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 321-333-5168 xt.503

Associate Head of School

Dr. (c) Sherilyn Fletcher has worked with children for the past 37 years. Dr. (c) Fletcher has earned a Masters of Theology from Life Christian University in Palm Bay, Florida and is currently a candidate in Doctorates degree program: in Theology, Pastoral Studies, and Educational Leadership Certificate. Dr. (c) Fletcher is also a certified life coach and mental health/illness counselor.

Dr. (c)  Fletcher is a mother of 8, a wife to Everton Fletcher, and a full time Servant Leader at the church "Life Changer's Outreach Regiment Inc". 

Dr. (c)  Fletcher is very passionate about students, and is committed to providing engaging and differentiated instruction for every child that walks through our school doors. her goal is to help them develop into independent young adults and committed to ensuring all students experience a sense of belonging, understand their impact on others, and are always available to learn and grow.  

Mrs. Dearana Aguilar

President/ Head of School

Mikia Sweeting

About LCCA

Mrs. Aguilar has worked with children for the past 12 years, and has started off first, as a classroom teacher, department head, now today, LCCA Assistant Principal​. 

Mrs. Aguilar serves as the Worship Leader at the church "Life Changer's Outreach Regiment Inc" and Finance Director. 

She is the proud wife of Damon Aguilar and mom of two cats, Cub and Dee. It is her goal to see every student that walk through our doors succeed!

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