Raising up a generation to fear God. To see every child that come through our doors be inspired to first reverence God and chase after their dreams.

Core Values


M i s s i o n  V i s i o n & C o r e  V a l u e s


About LCCA

The following are goals we strive to teach our students in today's complex, humanistic and materialistic societal matrixes:

  • That the Bible in the inerrant Word of God, and the only reliable guide for living.
  • That Jesus Christ is the only hope of salvation, and that each person must be born again by the Spirit of God to enter into fellowship with God.
  • That truth as taught in all areas of the curriculum must be based on Biblical truth to achieve true understanding and wisdom.
  • To think clearly, analytically, logically, and critically.
  • To express himself orally and in writing in an accurate and clear manner.
  • To exhibit Christian graces such as honesty, kindness, and courtesy towards others.
  • To fulfill personal responsibilities.
  • To develop understanding of readiness to assume the responsibilities of productive citizenship.
  • To recognize the particular abilities and limitations that are God-given, and to come appropriate life orienting decisions concerning education and vocation.
  • To exercise constructive leadership.
  • To appreciate the fine arts, learn to express his own creative skills.
  • To exercise discernment and discretion in wholesome physical and mental recreation
  • Techniques of and enjoyment in independent study as preparation for lifetime of progressive learning.
  • To value intangible ideals such as loyalty, truthfulness, submissiveness to authority and purity, that are lightly valued in a secular world.
  • To recognize the personal imperative of evangelism and missions worldwide.
  • To appreciate our American heritage, and attain awareness of the problems that faces our nation today.
  • To realize the responsibility that the Christian has to share the Gospel with the world around him.

Teaching a generation, the importance of knowledge and wisdom using biblical teachings and life skills. Promoting ever child to find and fulfill their purpose; emphasizing on the importance of living and not just existing.